Top New Real Estate Trends for 2024

Real estate highlights the evolving preferences and needs of homebuyers and homeowners. Here’s a summary of the key trends for 2024: 1. Homeowners Staying Put: High interest rates and low inventory are prompting homeowners to stay in their current homes longer. Remodeling and updating focus on sustainable features, accessory dwelling units, pickleball courts, remodeled basements, […]

The Best Realtor for Investors

When hiring an investor-friendly real estate agent, it’s essential to ask the right questions. Purchasing investment properties is a distinct venture, and not all real estate agents are equipped to assist with it. To help you make an informed decision, here are 17 questions you should ask a potential investor-friendly real estate agent: 1. Are […]

Top Searches in a Home

Here are the top trending features buyer are seeking in the next home. How does your home stack up? A Basement Refinish As prices of homes continue to increase, buyers are looking for the best use of all spaces. Basements are being refinished to create home theaters, game rooms, and exercise room. The search term […]

Easy Ways to Increase Rents and Add Value to your Real Estate Investment

Real estate investing is a very profitable game.  But, for most strategies, it is a long game.  Therefore, small incremental increases can add up to big returns.  Here are 13 easy ways to increase your return on investment. First Impressions Enhance curb appeal with simple aesthetic improvements to make a positive initial impression. Most people make up their mind […]

Columbus / Central Ohio Real Estate Market: Prices, Trends, & Forecast of 2023

Stabilizing mortgage rates have been a key factor in Central Ohio continuing its consistent growth. The inventory numbers are improving, but high demand continues to outpace the supply. As a result, we hit a new high in the median sales price of $320,000. This surge represents a 6.1% growth, surpassing theprevious highest monthly median sales […]