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7 Tax-Deductible Improvements Recommended by Your Trusted Realtor

I purchased my first home 35-years ago. And since then, I have owned many homes, both primary residences and investment properties. Here is my comprehensive guide to tax-deductible home improvements. Remember, for detailed eligibility criteria and personalized advice, always consult with a tax professional. 1. Energy-Efficient Upgrades: Investing in energy-efficient improvements not only benefits the […]

Success in Real Estate Investing: Six Essential Principles for a Strong Financial Foundation Before Investing

Introduction: Real estate investing holds the promise of wealth, passive income, and tax benefits. It has provided me the funding to travel the world, give my children incredible lives, and support causes important to me. But real estate investing is not without its risks. Before diving into this lucrative venture, it’s crucial to lay down […]

Millennial Strategies: As prices increase, and inventory reduces, many millennials have joined the growing trend of Co-Ownership.

The Millennial generation, born between 1981 to 1996, has among the lowest homeownership rates since the 1920s. The reasons vary, but the greatest factor has been affordability. The Millennial generation has the highest student loan debt in US history. If you combine that with the high prices and interest rates, it has created the least […]

Top New Real Estate Trends for 2024

Real estate highlights the evolving preferences and needs of homebuyers and homeowners. Here’s a summary of the key trends for 2024: 1. Homeowners Staying Put: High interest rates and low inventory are prompting homeowners to stay in their current homes longer. Remodeling and updating focus on sustainable features, accessory dwelling units, pickleball courts, remodeled basements, […]