first time home buyer tips


Purchasing a home is an exciting time but don’t let yourself get carried away with all the excitement. Keep a level head so you choose the right home without jeopardizing your financial security. Here are a couple of tips that might help.

Try to pay off debt quickly

Homes are an expensive investment. In fact, you are more than just paying for the actual value of the house. There are other associated costs to purchasing a house such as taxes, insurance, and maintenance cost. Because of this, most people need to apply for a mortgage in purchasing their house which they pay off long term. However, people underestimate interest rates especially when you consider it in the long term. The faster your pay off the mortgage, say 10 years instead of 15 or 20, the less you have to pay in interest.

Pick the house you can afford

When you shop for your very first home, you have to make sure that you are choosing the house that you can afford. The last thing you want is to spend the entire time living in a big home worried if you’re going to make the next mortgage payment. Better to have a house just right for your future plans while still having enough financial flexibility. Instead of going for the 5-bedroom-2-and-a-half-bath mcMansion, a modest 2 bedroom that you fill with memories is also financially practical.

Save up on a downpayment

Don’t let the excitement of getting your place get in the way of you spending irresponsibly. If you plan to purchase a house, make sure you’ve saved enough for the down payment. Not only is this a good sign of financial maturity but you also save on monthly interest in the long run. Many experts recommend saving up to 20% of the total cost of the home as down payment.

Get pre-approved

Once you’ve saved up on your downpayment and you’ve also narrowed down your choice of property, the next you have to do is get pre-approved to compare rates on different mortgages. Most first-time home buyers only request quotes from one lender but this is bad practice. Doing a little more research and getting quotes from other lenders will allow you to see which offer the least rates. A good rule of thumb is to compare rates from at least 3 different lenders.

Contact a professional real estate agent

Think of buying your first home as going to the doctor or buying a good audio recorder. These are fields that most people are not familiar with and should therefore turn to the experts. This is the role of real estate agents – they make the complex process of purchasing a home simple and easy. But you have to be conscious of which agent to hire. Scout around for the best ones in your area and meet them one by one and see if you can work together as buying a home is a lengthy process, often taking a couple of months to years.

Look at multiple homes

Once you’ve established a good working relationship with a good real estate agent, now is the time to start looking at houses. For many, this is the fun part. You get to enjoy going through different houses and comparing their various features such as the number of beds, location, age, and many more. Consider other factors in selecting your new home like schools nearby, commercial areas, quality of healthcare, and hospitals.

Inspection and closing

Before closing the deal on your new home, you first have to get inspected. This will include foundation check, attic space, roof, exterior checks, electrical circuitry, power outlets, thermostat, heating & cooling, and ventilation. The last step in buying a house is closing which takes about a month.


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  1. It was really helpful when you talked about real estate agents and how they can make a complicated process much easier for you. I’ve heard so many stories of people buying a house they didn’t end up liking, and now I want to make sure that I don’t run into the same problems they do. To get some assistance with this, I’ll make sure I look for real estate agents within my area before I start the home buying process.

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