best cities in ohio for young homeowners

Best Cities in Ohio for Young Homeowners

The Buckeye State is among the national leaders in many areas. College football comes to mind first, naturally. And it’s a fun fact to know that as many as eight U.S. presidents lived in Ohio when they were elected. Sports and politics aside, it is also among the most attractive states for young people to purchase their homes. There are many reasons to settle down in one of the best cities in Ohio for young homeowners and raise a family there. 

One of the top reasons is its affordable housing, and it is home to some of the best schools in the country. As for the economy, the fact that Ohio can brag about 27 Fortune 500 companies operating there speaks for itself. So, you can expect dynamic employment opportunities. 

If you are among those thinking of investing in a home in a state that can provide a solid education, affordable housing, and friendly people, let’s take a look at the cities you should consider. 

Springboro – densely packed cosmopolitan spirit

Although a relatively small town, Springboro proudly shows off its cosmopolitan flair. It’s worth noting that more than half of the residents have a bachelor’s degree or even higher education, which is twice as much as the state average. It has a GreatSchools rank of 9. Another essential feature is its closeness to Cincinnati and Dayton. 

This is a town that is still oriented toward maintaining the spirit of community. It is home to the Christmas in Historic Springboro Festival, which goes on for the full three days, and the Freedom Festival, which celebrates Springboro’s history.

Dublin – Irish soul 

Central Ohio is traditionally known as one of the best areas for living in the state. This suburb in Columbus is a place that about 43,000 residents can call home. Its economy is strong, and the school district has earned itself a staggering score of 8.67 on GreatSchools. Dublin is close to downtown Columbus, and the commute will take no more than 22 minutes. 

So, if this is the town that calls your name, the guys from can help you move there trouble-free. 

Central Ohio is known to be one of the best places to live in the U.S.

As for fun and entertainment, this town is very well-known for its Dublin Irish Festival. It is also home to the “Field of Corn,” which catapulted it to stardom. And if by any chance you enjoy golfing, this is the place for you. 

Upper Arlington – a prosperous tightly-knit community

With a low crime rate, high unemployment rate, and median income double the national average, Upper Arlington is definitely one of the best cities in Ohio for young homeowners. On top of that, its school system received an incredible 10/10 score on GreatSchools. 

Although this town, with a population of 34,500 people, has had many opportunities to grow and expand, it has purposefully chosen to remain small. Here, it’s not uncommon to find several generations of families living together. Another thing that makes it fantastic for young families is its abundance of parks and green areas. 

Powell – picturesque, peaceful, and best at everything

Another suburban town in Columbus with only 12,300 people living here is a peaceful, beautiful, albeit more expensive option for first-time homebuyers. The cost of living here is significantly higher than in other areas in Ohio, but its residents enjoy substantially higher salaries as well. Almost three times higher. 

As in most other places in the Buckeye State, the schools are top-notch. You can find anything you need here – a library, farmers market, beautiful parks, immaculate surroundings. This town truly is the best at everything. 

For a bit more luxury, choose the picturesque and squeaky-clean Powell.

Hudson – crimeless and affluent

Another town with a perfect score of 10/10 on GreatSchools and fewer than a third of residents without at least a bachelor’s degree, this suburb in Cleveland is particularly focused on outstanding education. On top of that, Hudson can boast virtually non-existent crime rates. 

With salaries higher than double the national average, and very affordable housing, it’s easy to see why Ohio is one of the most desirable places for living. 

Mason – a tax haven

A suburban town that has found its place on practically every Best Place to Live list is located in Warren Country, Cincinnati, and has 31,700 residents. The most alluring trait of Mason is more than attractive tax rates. The sale tax of 6.5% and income tax rate of 1.12% is probably enough to pack your bags and send all your belongings to a place that can accommodate the lifestyle you have always wanted.

Moreover, this is yet another town with a perfect GreatSchools score. To top it all, although a small town, Mason’s economy is strong and diverse. 

Mason is on almost all the lists of best cities in Ohio for young homeowners.

Findlay – a perfect combination of an affordable and great place to live

The low cost of living and very affordable housing make Findlay a desirable prospect for young homeowners. This Hancock County suburbs checks a few more boxes: taxes are very favorable, the average commute time is short, and the weather is one of the best in Ohio. 

The only downside is the crime rate. However, even when you take that into consideration, Findlay still ranks pretty high in terms of attractiveness for families. 

Moving to Ohio?

Upon reading about some of the best places for young families in Ohio, you are probably already thinking about packing your bags and setting sail to your preferred city. But, hold your horses for a bit. Before making any rash decisions to move, make sure you plan the budget for this venture. Affordable housing and low cost of living are attractive, but remember, the move itself will cost you. 

The list of the best cities in Ohio for young homeowners can go on. But what is for sure is that if you have decided to relocate here, look no further. The Buckeye State is an excellent option. You just have to pick the town that suits you best. Affordable housing and fabulous education are practically guaranteed, whichever place you opt for. And it’s highly likely you won’t be short of job prospects. So, basically, your options boil down to more or less affluent cities. And that is a pretty good deal in anyone’s book. 

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