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Your Guide to the Best Budget-Friendly Housewarming Gifts

Buying a new home is a long and stressful experience, but when all is said and done, moving into a new space is well worth the effort. The Alfriend Group knows all too well that moving into a new home is always an occasion worth celebrating! And what’s a celebration without a few presents? 

Whether you’re a new neighbor, an old friend, or a close relative, buying someone a housewarming gift is a perfect way to help them settle in and feel at home in their new space. The tricky part is finding a gift that your recipient actually wants—without spending a fortune on it. We’ve created a budget-friendly gift guide to help you out.  

Practical Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen supplies are some of the most practical and useful gifts you can give a new homeowner. Cookware, cooking utensils, chef’s knives, cutlery, dishes, and glasses make fantastic gifts whether your recipient is an amateur home cook or a self-proclaimed foodie. To save money while shopping from department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, search online for a cashback deal or Saks promo code

Looking for something unique? A countertop burner is an excellent gift idea for homeowners who like to entertain and cook for large groups. You can find great deals on these kitchen appliances by reading reviews and comparing different models on sites like Home Life Digest.

Gifts for Greater Comfort

A new home can feel strange and unfamiliar at first, so give the gift of comfort! Help the new homeowner turn their house into a self-care oasis so they can relax and feel at home in their unfamiliar surroundings. Nothing beats a fluffy set of slippers and a soft robe. Scented candles, silky bedding, throw blankets, and luxury bath products are also great options. You could even try making your own bath products to save money and personalize your gifts with handmade charm.

Indoor Greenery

Plants are another great gift to help brighten up a new home. Look for low-maintenance houseplants like snake plants, money plants, pothos, and spider plants so you can avoid saddling the new homeowner with additional responsibilities. Succulents also make great gifts for this reason. You could even make a little succulent garden or hanging air plant terrarium! Buying plants from a local nursery and potting them yourself is a great way to keep your greenery gift as economical as possible. 

Yard and Patio Gifts

Yard and patio gifts are great for homeowners who love spending time outside. To help the homeowner spruce up their space for outdoor entertaining, consider getting them an outdoor rug, patio umbrella, portable fire pit, or set of sparkling outdoor lights. If the homeowner likes puttering around the yard and digging in the garden, gardening and landscaping tools are sure to be welcome. You could even gift them a shrub or small tree to plant in their yard. And for the relaxation-minded homeowner, a backyard hammock is bound to please.

Maintenance Tools

It’s common for new homeowners to make several trips to the hardware store to acquire the many tools needed to maintain a home. Give them a head start with a toolset! Since tool sets can be pricey, consider assembling your own with common tools that all homeowners need. This will enable you to shop around for the best prices on everything from hammers to screwdriver sets. If you have a little more to spend, a cordless drill is always a fantastic gift.

Buying a gift for the new homeowner in your life is a fantastic way to support their big purchase and help them get set up in their home. Don’t feel pressured to spend a lot. Whatever your budget, there are countless affordable gifts out there that are bound to be a hit.

Looking to become a new homeowner yourself? The Alfriend Group can help you find the perfect property for your family. Get in touch for help in navigating the house-hunting process. 614-395-1776

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