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A Pet Owner’s Guide to Managing a Second Home in Florida

Handling a multi-state living arrangement comes with some unique challenges, especially for pet owners who want to enjoy both homes with their animal companions. As one example, you might look to own Ohio real estate with the help of The Alfriend Group as well as a vacation home in Florida. This gives you the opportunity to experience two very different regions during the seasons when they are at their finest. However, the distance between these states can make traveling costly and stressful for both you and your pet. Knowing some ways to make your multi-state lifestyle more affordable and comfortable can improve your overall quality of life as a pet owner. 

Save Money on Insurance

While owning multiple homes can certainly be expensive, it presents a novel money-saving opportunity. When it comes to selecting insurance policies, you have the choice of purchasing coverage in the state with cheaper options.

Review insurance providers in each state so you can decide where to register your vehicles and purchase auto coverage. Keep in mind that health insurance works much the same way. You can also make a decision regarding pet insurance based on where you can get the most affordable healthcare coverage for your animal companion.

Cut Down on Miscellaneous Costs

There are other methods of saving that will also make your multi-home lifestyle a little more convenient. One way to do this is to choose affordable streaming options over cable TV services so that you can watch your favorite shows no matter where you are.

You can also keep a stockpile of necessities in both of your homes, mitigating the need of carrying excess luggage when traveling between destinations. Buying nonperishable food and deep freeze items in bulk can be a great way to accomplish this. Other things to keep on hand at both locations might include seasonal clothing, cleaning supplies, and first-aid kits.

Practice Good Pet Healthcare in Each State

Because health issues can occur when you least expect it, you should make sure to have a preferred vet in both states in which you reside. When dividing your time between Ohio and Florida, you can also set up a pet insurance policy in the state with cheaper options to help you cover vet costs. For example, finding good FL pet insurance can be more cost-effective in the long run. 

In planning a healthcare strategy for your pet, be aware that experts tout the importance of routine preventative care. Each time you settle for a few months, consider taking your pet in for a checkup and to receive preventative treatment against fleas and ticks.

Store Necessary Pet Supplies

Many of the pet care items your animal companion wants and needs are difficult to transport between your distant homes. You can make sure to always be prepared by keeping certain things on-hand at each location. Use customer reviews and professional recommendations to find the best fur brushes, cat trees, and harnesses for storing away in your supply closets. Many of the best pet supply websites even include reviews directly from animal care experts right on the product page. 

Managing multiple homes is ultimately a matter of finding ways to make your lifestyle a little easier and more convenient whenever you can. As a pet owner, you also have to consider what an animal needs in order to enjoy a great quality of life. When you have your priorities lined up properly, and prepare a plan for satisfying those priorities, you will get the most out of your multi-state living arrangement.

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