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Solutions to Common Issues Found During Home Inspections

You’re about to get the keys to a home you can see yourself living in for years to come. But some problems have cropped up that are making you nervous about closing on the house. Here are a few issues that are present in lots of homes for sale and how you can fix them easily.

Improving Your Home’s Exterior

Minor problems that are visible from the outside of your home can usually be fixed with a few basic DIY projects or by hiring a contractor.

  • Painting your home’s exterior can be a great weekend project.
  • To repair your fence, start reviewing local fencing contractors.
  • Buying a home with a shabby exterior can be worth it – you might be able to secure a lower sale price!

Addressing Environmental Issues

Do issues like mold, poor air quality, or mediocre water quality have to deter you from buying a certain home? Not necessarily!

  • Reach out to plumbers in your area about upgrades that can help improve your home’s water quality.
  • By working with an HVAC specialist, you can decide on repairs that will boost your home’s indoor air quality.
  • Did you spot mold in your home? You can hire a mold remediation service to remedy the issue.

Dealing With Larger Problems

Spotting a major problem during a home inspection doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dream home. 

  • Are you concerned about the integrity of your roof? Get quotes from local roofers to start fixing it.
  • Faulty electrical wiring can be risky, but a reputable electrician can fix your system.
  • There might be pet damage in your home from previous owners, but this guide is packed with quick tips for erasing basic signs of pet damage.
  • If you need extra funds to make repairs after purchasing a home, an online financing app with a built-in balance API can provide real-time balance verification to ensure you have enough funds immediately available.

Discovering problems in a home you planned to buy can give you pause. But renovating a home gives you the chance to make it your own! With a little elbow grease, you can remedy these issues and get ready to settle down in your new home.

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