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At-Home Blahs? Consider These Professional Design Tips to Refresh Your Space

Are you ready to shake the pandemic dust off your home and give it a major makeover? You’re not alone! After all, we’ve all been spending more time than ever before in our humble abodes. So it makes sense that we’re also all craving some change and excitement, or maybe just some comfort and convenience.

Whatever changes you’re thinking about making, you should definitely keep these insider design tips from The Alfriend Group, RE/MAX Achievers in mind when planning your projects.

Make Updates That Maximize Home Value

Thinking of selling your home in the next year or so? If so, you should know that the market has been on fire this past year and this trend isn’t likely to change anytime soon. So this could be the perfect opportunity to list your home and sell it in record time and for a record price.

Now of course before you do list your home, you will want to make sure you have any receipts or proof of improvements organized for potential buyers. That’s because the changes you make to update the style and comfort of your home could potentially increase its value too! In fact, if you know you will sell your home soon, you may want to consider this before planning projects. 

Experiment With Bold Updates to Enhance Style 

One positive effect of the pandemic? We’re all ready for some big changes around our homes! Professional designers are seeing this desire reflected in some of the most popular interior design trends of the year. Spending more time at home has inspired people to embrace unique, creative interiors, bold color palettes, and delightful mixes of pattern, texture, and details.

Consider Changes That Promote Self-Care

If there’s one thing we could all use more of this year it’s relaxation and stress relief. All of the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of prioritizing this and taking better care of our mental health. You can improve your own emotional well-being by planning for updates that encourage self-care and help to alleviate everyday stress. 

Need some inspiration? Check out these ideas for fun weekend projects that will improve the style of your space while also boosting your mood and mental health. You could spruce up your entryway to welcome visitors back into your home or welcome your family back after a long, stressful day. Other projects include adding storage, lighting, curb appeal, and more.

Invest in Tech That Provides More Convenience 

Another lesson learned from the pandemic? That time is a precious commodity that we cannot produce more of in any given day. So many people were juggling remote work, virtual learning, and about a million other tasks at home, and it seemed like our schedules were always packed. While we can’t necessarily create more time, we can make changes that make the most of it.

The tech you use for convenience doesn’t necessarily have to be high tech. Labeling your pantry is a great way to make life easier. Try an online label maker to get started. You’ll be able to write your shopping list at a glance, and you’ll save time putting groceries away once everything has its place.

With regards to your home, this could involve adding smart home features that save you precious minutes and seconds so you can focus on what’s important. Something as simple and affordable as a smart thermostat or smart bulbs are good places to start. As an added bonus for your post-pandemic budget, these updates will also help you cut down on utility bills. 

It’s been one long year for us all! You and your home deserve refreshes that boost the value, relaxation, convenience, and style of your everyday routine, so give these ideas and tips a try.

When you need to buy or sell your home, you want to be as successful as you can possibly be. Work with our team of passionate and community-driven professionals at The Alfriend Group, RE/MAX Achievers and discover how we can best help you in your pursuit of the American Dream.

Guest blog provided by: Tina Martin

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