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Is Your Dublin Home Ready for Smart Upgrades?

As much as the real estate market has been thrown into chaos over these last couple of years, one thing has remained pretty consistent among homeowners and home buyers – they want smart homes. Having a smart home can have a lot of advantages – it increases convenience and comfort, it can save money on energy and maintenance, and not least of all, it can really boost the value of your property. 

But even if you’ve decided to install some smart upgrades, is your home really ready for them? Some of these aspects need to be carefully considered to make sure you’re adding to the value, and not taking away from it. 

What are smart upgrades?

You may have heard of smart houses and smart technology for a while, but it’s difficult to determine what is just a house that has tech, and what is a smart home. Smart upgrades typically refer to integrated technology that makes certain aspects of your life easier, more comfortable, and more streamlined. 

Smart upgrades include House Of The Future-esque features like remotely-activated sprinklers or a refrigerator that will talk back to you, but they can also refer to more ubiquitous features, like a smart assistant. 

Alexa-type tech is the most popular use of in-home smart tech, but people also often opt for smart thermostats, smart doorbells, and even smart appliances, like coffee machines. The ones you choose come down to what you need in your home, or what is popular enough among buyers that it’s going to make your home stand out and perhaps bump up the price. 

Does smart tech fit into your home?

One thing you may not have considered is the rest of your home and its overall style. You see, a lot of smart features come with otherwise modern homes. Someone who’s buying a modern home will also expect to have it equipped with a home assistant, a smart kitchen, possibly smart environment management like a smart thermostat. 

A more traditional home, however, may clash with it. Not only can a super high-tech fridge look out of place in an otherwise traditional kitchen, but this type of element can even be a turn-off for a potential buyer. Seamless integration is part of the point.

Are you planning to sell?

You also have to consider your intentions with your home. Is it up to date, and are you planning to sell? Do you want to sell it with no updates? If a home isn’t recently renovated, chances are that the buyer will want to rip everything out and add their own spin on it. In that case, adding smart features is a waste of money, because they will not be keeping them.

If you’ve redone the entire home, however, then smart extras only add to the project you are building upon. A clean, minimalist look, with neutral design will fit state-of-the-art smart tech better than a slightly outdated, “lived-in” space. In this case, smart features will only enhance the home you’ve created, as long as smart upgrades are something that Dublin home buyers are willing to pay extra for

Does smart tech fit your needs?

If you are not planning to sell your property, then you must question the reason why you are considering smart upgrades. Is this something that is going to enhance your lifestyle? Is it a need for your home? 

Carefully consider what your needs are and select what you can use. Smart lighting is popular because smart light bulbs save money and are more environmentally friendly, but you are also able to easily control them remotely. 

A smart thermostat is another feature that is practical for almost any household, because it enhances comfort and convenience via its remote control capabilities. It also contributes to reducing your energy bill by streamlining your energy use and making it more efficient, and thus, environmentally-friendly. 

Smart doorbells are an enhanced security measure that comes in handy for any family, as it enables you to keep an eye on your property remotely. Whether it’s a string of burglaries in the neighborhood, or porch thieves stealing your deliveries, a smart doorbell will offer the extra peace of mind you need. 

In addition, none of these features require any special preparation and can be installed in pretty much any home. 

Can your current infrastructure support smart upgrades?

Something you may overlook is the necessary infrastructure for a lot of this type of tech. You can’t just pick items at random, they need to all fit into the same infrastructure. That also includes your electrical wiring and your internet connection. 


Smart tech relies on an internet connection in order to run, so you want to make sure that you’ve got enough bandwidth to support all your tech, as well as your regular day to day use. You may want to upgrade your internet package to serve your enhanced needs. 

Consider also upgrading to a brand-new router, especially if the one you currently have is several years old. The important thing here is to make sure that all your devices, smart or not, can communicate with your router

It also helps to move the location of your router, especially if it’s placed somewhere remote. You want it as close to the center of your home as possible, in order to ensure signal strength and know that all your smart devices are enjoying a reliable internet connection. 


In addition, you want to check your wiring and make sure that adding to your appliances and devices isn’t going to overcharge your system. The best thing to do is bring in a professional to assess your home and ensure that everything is set and ready to go. The last thing you want is to fry expensive smart equipment. 

You also need to ensure that your devices all fit together. You may run into a situation where the pieces you choose are not compatible with each other. 

Can you afford smart upgrades?

One of the major drawbacks of smart tech is that it’s often prohibitively expensive for a lot of people. Even if they do end up saving money in the long run, most of these features come with a big upfront cost that makes them a significant investment. 

No matter how attractive they may seem, it’s better to carefully choose one smart device to start with instead of overstretching yourself financially. 

Bottom line

All in all, smart tech can be a wonderful addition to your home, but that’s only if you and your home are ready and know what to expect. Too many people invest in smart technology as a trend, and it’s wasted money if it doesn’t fit with the house or with the area. 

Before jumping into any major purchases, consider your needs – do you need smart tech? What devices would you get? What would you use them for? What style is your home, and can it easily accommodate smart tech? Are you planning on selling your home, and is smart tech in high demand in Dublin? 

All of these aspects and more come into play when deciding if to get smart tech upgrades and which ones to choose for your particular space and needs. 

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