how to spend your first thanksgiving in Dublin Ohio

How to spend your first Thanksgiving in Dublin, Ohio

Planning the move just before the holidays can be challenging. The busy roads and higher moving rates are not the only things you need to deal with now. Planning how you’ll spend the holidays in the new home and the new city is undoubtedly one of them. In this article, we’ll help you out with a couple of ways to spend your first Thanksgiving in Dublin, Ohio, and have the best time ever!

Have dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most common ways to spend this holiday. However, living in a new place may make it challenging to invite guests. If you’ve just moved to Dublin, it can happen that your relatives are not that close and you still haven’t made new friends. However, this shouldn’t stop you from celebrating. If you’ve moved with your family, you can have a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner in the privacy of your new home.

Don’t want to cook? Consider visiting some of Dublin’s fine restaurants and booking a table for this special night. This is a great idea if you haven’t unpacked fully yet or your oven is still not set up. 

Have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at your new home or even at a Dublin restaurant. 

Have a movie marathon 

This Thanksgiving plan is perfect for those who are tired from all the moving and unpacking. Pick a couple of your favorite movies, prepare snacks and drinks and get cozy in your new home. Have a movie marathon and relax after a stressful couple of weeks of preparing for the move. 

Participate in the Flying Feather Four Miler

Participate in this fantastic Thanksgiving celebration where all participants will receive a bottle of wine and premium quarter zip. The event starts in the morning, taking place at the club at Corazon – on Thanksgiving Day! This is a fun way to spend your first Thanksgiving in Dublin, Ohio, but also the chance to meet some locals!

Go wine tasting

The holiday season is all about the smell of good food and wine! Go to the Coast Wine House for a pre-thanksgiving ‘Flight Night.’ Try out the wines from their holiday menu at special prices and enjoy the opportunity to meet the locals!

Wine tasting for your first Thanksgiving in Dublin? Why not!

Join the turkey park hunt

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, so why don’t you go for a fun turkey hunt in Darree Fields? This is a family-friendly event, so be sure to bring your loved ones in the search for a special holiday prize. The hunt is on until December 30, and you can visit the park from dawn to dusk. Most importantly, it’s free to join; but be sure to register on their website! 

Do a good deed 

Moving to a new home should include a serious decluttering session. Sort out your items and see if there are some you no longer need. Pay special attention to clothes and canned foods and pack them for donations. Make this holiday better for someone in need by donating the items you no longer use. Visit the Food Pantry Dublin or the Welcome Warehouse and make this holiday special for someone. 

Bonus tip: decluttering is excellent for making a donation and making your relocation simpler and less expensive. Get rid of anything taking up a place in your home, and reduce the number of boxes you need to pack. 

Making this holiday better for someone is always a good idea.

Ready to move to Ohio for Thanksgiving?

Moving interstate and preparing for the holiday season in your new home includes a couple of steps you need to plan on time. This is one of the ways to ensure the easiest possible relocation – finding the right moving team and planning your moving budget. These are the main tips for making the move simple and smooth. 

Start packing early

After decluttering your home, start packing the household. It’s a good idea to start this early, as packing in a hurry only leads to potential damage to your items and feeling overwhelmed. Do the packing room by room and start with the things you don’t use every day. This will give you enough time to pack, and you’ll save the everyday items for last. 

Compare moving companies 

It’s essential that the company you hire is trustworthy and has enough experience in the Dublin area. Don’t skip the step of doing the research and comparing a couple of teams. According to Verified Movers, it is always wise to research an online database of trustworthy pros and narrow your options to a couple of favorites to contact. Then you can get a couple of estimates that will help you decide what is the best value for the money and avoid overspending. 

Moving with kids require extra energy and extra help

If your household includes a couple of young ones, make sure you handle them well during the moving process. Sometimes kids can feel sad or anxious about leaving their old home, so parents should be patient and supportive. Furthermore, be sure to ask for help – friends or family can assist you with taking care of your young ones or your pets while you deal with the moving boxes. 

Prepare the new house for easy move-in

To ensure your home is ready for the move-in and that you can spend your first Thanksgiving in Dublin, make sure you do the necessary groundwork. This includes a good cleaning session – do it on your own or hire professionals to save time. Next, make sure you decide where your furniture and other pieces will go, so the movers can immediately place them in the right spot. This will allow you to unpack much faster and ensure your home is ready to host the holiday season!

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