how to launch a home business

How to Launch and Run a Business from Home

For many people, running a business from home is the dream. While launching a home-based business can be very exciting, the process can also feel a little overwhelming. You’ll have to navigate several important steps as you inch closer to your launch date! Thankfully, we at The Alfriend Group have provided a few tips to help you stay organized, prepare your home, and get your life ready for this exciting venture. 

Do Your Due Diligence

First and foremost, make sure you can operate your business legally out of your home. Depending on where you live, you may need certain permits or licenses to comply with local and state regulations. Keep in mind that you will have to register your business in your state before you can obtain the appropriate permits and licenses. When it comes time to register, consider forming an LLC to limit your liability and gain access to tax advantages! Take advantage of websites like ZenBusiness to review the requirements for forming an LLC in your state and start the formation process online.

Also, remember to check your home insurance coverage. Most home insurance policies won’t cover business activities, so you may have to purchase separate coverage to protect yourself from third-party claims and damage to your business equipment.

Make Space for an Office

Running a business from home puts you at the mercy of household distractions. You’ll have to learn how to ignore looming housework, avoid chatty family members, and keep yourself on task despite easy access to TV, social media, and other enticing distractors. Creating your own workspace is one of the best ways to combat these issues. Building an office in a separate room will help you shut out noise and enjoy more privacy so you can focus all of your attention on your business projects. 

A spare bedroom tends to work great as a home office space. If you don’t have this luxury, consider doing some home renovations to create a custom space to fit your needs. For example, This Old House suggests converting unused space into an inviting home office by finishing your basement, garage, or attic. You could even transform a garden shed into a separate workspace! 

Upsize Your Home

If your home is just too small to accommodate your business, consider upsizing. Buying a bigger home could be a worthwhile investment for your business—and could reward you in other ways as well! With more space, you’ll be able to increase your inventory and acquire the business equipment you need to work more efficiently. If your business involves crafting or building products, look for a home with space for a workshop where you can make plenty of noise without disturbing your family members. Ready to start house-hunting? Connect with real estate exerts The Alfriend Group to start your search!

Focus on Home Office Functionality

Your home office design will have a direct impact on your work productivity, so consider your setup carefully. It’s always best to focus on functionality over aesthetics. That said, even the most functional home workspaces can boast an attractive and inviting atmosphere. Get a comfortable office chair, a desk that fits your work style, and a few storage solutions that will accommodate your workflow. Once you have your base necessities in place, accent your home office with personal items to make it feel like your own. Think family photos, plants, and art that inspires you. Just remember to incorporate these décor accents sparingly. You don’t want your home office to feel cluttered!

Running your business from home is a great way to keep costs down and cut out the daily commute. Take the time to build or design a home office where you can really focus! If you need more space, The Alfriend Group can help you find a place where your business and family can co-exist comfortably under the same roof. Call 614-395-1776!

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