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Moving to Ohio – The Ultimate Relocation Guide

If you need to move and are searching for a state with a growing economy and low cost of living – search no more. Ohio is a perfect, and somehow underrated gem of a state. In Ohio, you will see economic growth and increasing diversity, and you will be amazed by the low housing prices and a high quality of life. In our ultimate relocation guide, you will find out why moving to Ohio is a great decision and tips on handling this process.

Reasons for moving to Ohio

Apart from the growing economy and stable job market, there are plenty more reasons to move to the Buckeye State. The top 4 reasons for relocating to Ohio are:

  • The climate – If you are moving from a state that offers a somewhat constant temperature, this can be a great experience as you will experience all four seasons. You will find winters with a lot of snow, but you will also have hot summers with a lot of humidity. 
  • The beer is fantastic – Any beer lover will appreciate Ohio’s top craft brews.
Amusement parks and excellent beer are other advantages of Ohio.
  • Amusement parks – Ohio is home to many amusement parks and roller coasters. One of them is the self-proclaimed “Roller Coaster Capital of the World”, located in Sandusky.
  • Unique islands – many people are surprised to know that Ohio has islands. Ohio has many hidden little gems, such as Kelley’s and South Bass, where you can spend quality time with your family.
  • Football is a big deal – When you came to Ohio, you will find out that its residents live and breathe for football. Ohio has won eight national titles, and if you are a fan of football, you will definitely be a fan of the Buckeyes.

Housing market in Ohio

When you finally move to Ohio, you will naturally want to find a home for your family. One of the things that homebuyers in Ohio value the most is affordable houses. Ohio is listed as one of the top three affordable states for housing, and the real estate market in Ohio is, in a word, hot. Also, Ohio is among the top 20 states with the lowest overall cost of living. 

The current median home value in Ohio is approximately $140,000, but values are increasing throughout the state. Also, there is an abundance of new construction, so no matter which major city you would like to call home, there will be plenty of places to choose from.

Affordable houses and a low cost of living are excellent reasons for moving to Ohio.

Job market

Deciding when to move and where to live is never an easy decision. But, if we tell you that almost 36,000 people move to Ohio every year, there must be a solid reason for that. For starters, the unemployment rate has been on a decline since 2009, and now it is at 4.7%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of the increasing demand jobs are home health aid, physical therapist, nurse practitioner, and operations analyst. The highest-paid positions are dentists, psychiatrists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and CEOs. There is also a rise in social assistance, hotels and restaurants, and professional services.

There is a manufacturing and agricultural presence in the state, but now the top industries are aerospace, bioscience, electronics, and advanced energy. Ohio has such a diverse economy, which is why this is a perfect state for finding employment.

Quality of life in the Buckeye State

As we previously mentioned, Ohio offers its residents a low cost of living, but it also offers excellent schools. If you have children, knowing that Ohio has a distinguished school system will make your move easy. Moreover, there is more ethnic diversity here than you might think. Only in Cleveland, you can find over 100 nationalities present in the city.

Ohio will offer you great museums

After New York, Ohio is home to the second-largest performing arts centers. You can catch a play, bring your kids to a comedy show, and enjoy the lovely art and music scene. We need to mention that one of the best museums in the USA can be found in Ohio. One of them is the Toledo Museum of Art, and it has over 30,000 art pieces. Also, Ohio is home to one of the world’s most excellent orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra.

Lastly, the residents of Ohio can enjoy many beautiful beaches during the summer. In the winter, people can enjoy skiing at one of Ohio’s five ski resorts. If you are an outdoor person, you can go hiking, rock climbing, or canoeing, and you will always have a new and exciting place to visit since Ohio boasts 74 state parks.

If you are looking for something new and unique, moving to Ohio is an excellent choice and a great place to explore. It is a state that has a rich history, stunning landscape, and lovely cities. Most importantly, Ohio is very affordable and will offer you excellent quality of life. The Buckeye State has various opportunities for everyone, and you will be happy to call it your new home.

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