6 Simple DIYs to do during lockdown

6 Simple DIY Home Projects Anyone Can Do During Lockdown

Even with some lockdown restrictions lifting, we’re probably all going to be staying at home more often. If you have run out of shows to stream and books to read, you may be feeling a little antsy right now. Instead of letting those feelings of boredom bloom into anxiety, consider taking on one of these totally do-able and accessible quarantine DIY projects. 

Makeover Your Master Bedroom 

Losing sleep due to COVID? You’re not alone! But you don’t have to suffer from sleep deprivation when making a few changes to your bedroom can help you get the rest you need. Get any clutter out of your room and definitely remove things that remind you of work, including your laptop and any papers. A bedroom makeover is an easy quarantine project that anyone can pull off with minimal effort but you can also consider other tasks, like updating your kitchen. 

Organize Your Garage 

If you are looking for a creative and practical lockdown project, try organizing your garage! Coming up with different systems for organizing your stuff can actually be pretty fun and you can make this project as simple or complex as you would like. You will also need to get rid of any clutter taking up space in your garage or you can add some square footage if you simply have too much stuff to fit. A steel garage can be an effortless way to create that extra space and will give you a climate-controlled and organized way to store all of your most beloved possessions. 

Build Your Own She/He Shed

Even if you have ample room in your garage for storage, you may still want to consider buying a steel shed. That’s because you can turn that shed into your own personal oasis. Set up a self-care haven where you can meditate and practice yoga, or carve out some space to relax with a good book — the possibilities are endless! You can also use your new shed for more practical purposes, including adding a guest bedroom or creating a home office. 

Enhance Your Home Security 

There is so much to worry about in the world these days, so the last thing you need to stress about is your home security. With a few DIY home security projects, you can increase the security and safety of your home and give yourself some needed peace of mind. Start by installing a WiFi-connected security system and then secure the perimeter of your home. Thorn bushes under windows and noisy walkways can keep your home from becoming a target. 

Define Your Home Workspace

Another project that can save you stress in lockdown is setting up a home office. Even if you are working with limited space, you can still create a smaller office that will be inviting and calming. The trick is to get rid of clutter (you can store it out in your new shed) and to find furniture that can be folded or converted for other uses. Defining your workspace with even a minimal home office is one of the most effective methods for staying productive when working from home. 

Plant Your Victory Garden 

With grocery shopping so risky and food supplies uncertain, many people have used the time in lockdown to plant victory gardens. Essentially vegetable gardens, this hobby became popularized during World War I and II, hence the name. People used these gardens to grow their own food when supplies were limited and, of course, to pass the time. If you are looking for a healthy and productive project to take on at home, you should start your own garden

With some basic tools and a little extra time, anyone can tackle the DIY projects mentioned above. Pick out a few to keep you busy while you wait for the remaining COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted. Who knows, you may even find a few new hobbies! 

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