home maintenance to battle corona

Home Maintenance Tips To Battle Covid-19

The world today is experiencing the most massive lockdown that has been found ever in history. All of this is happening because of the little virus that has claimed so many lives. Despite the lockdown getting extended over and again, we are failing to flatten the corona curve. The doctors and health workers are trying their best to combat the disease. However, it becomes crucial for each of us to become a corona warrior and battle against this deadly virus. The best precaution of any flu and not just corona infection starts at home. Here are some tips that you can implement to keep your family safe in this pandemic. 

Get home some air purifier plants

The first thing you need to do in this lockdown is to order for some air purifier plants. The green color is a symbol serenity, and this brings positive vibes into your home and makes your mornings beautiful. The plants like acacia palm, peace lily, and even basil act as air purifiers and keep the air around you free from germs and dust particles. This can be the best way to purify the air that you breathe inside your home.

Spread some immunity

The next thing that you need to do is to boost some immunity in your home. Resistance can be boosted in many ways. One common way is by eating healthy food at home. This diet includes curd, spinach, grains, and a lot of water to flush out toxins. The other crucial way to keep the respiratory tract healthy is by using an aromaticoil diffuser. All that you need to do is to pour some essential anti-microbial oils in the diffuser and diffuse it into the air in your home. Most of the germs get killed, and your respiratory tract will be immune to infections. The commonly used oils are that of tea tree, basil, and lavender. You can also use the eucalyptus oil to curb the symptoms of cold and flu and suppress it to a large extent. 

Use supreme-quality disinfectants 

Along with the oil diffuser, make sure you clean the floor and the surface of the furniture with good quality disinfectants. You can prepare such a disinfectant at home. Mix one cup of water with half a cup of white vinegar. Take this mixture and mix well. To this, add a few drops of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and cinnamon oil. Keep your oil diffuser with tea tree oil as this infects the air around you at home. 

Use separate footwear for indoors

While many adhere to this, some walk barefoot in their homes. Sometimes walk inside the home with the same shoe that they have used while walking outside. This habit is not good and needs to be stopped. Germs are often picked from outside, and it is good to leave them out along with your footwear. You can also get a pair of walking shoes for your dogs and pooches to keep your house even cleaner. 

Change Your Soap Dispensers

You may be living in a joint family or will have many visiting your homes. The first rule to keep corona away is to wash your hands frequently. What if you wash your hands with the same soap bar or keep touching the pump soap dispenser bottle over and again? Your hands will never get a chance of becoming clean. You need to change these bottles with an automatic soap dispenser bottle that does not require your touch to work. This dispenser prevents you from contaminating your hand with germs and helps you keep your hand clean. 

Let Sunshine Make Its Way

The UV rays of the sun are natural disinfectants and can kill most of the germs. Make sure you hang your clothes in good sunlight after you wash it. Get up in the morning and hit the terrace to soak some sunlight. The rays have Vitamin D that boost your immunity and keep you healthy. Allow your little ones to play in the backyard and on the terrace to keep them healthy. Keep the windows and the doors in your home open. Also, make sure you hang your blankets and carpets in the un to disinfect them once in a while. 

Wipe And Do Not Dust

We all have an easy way of getting rid of dust by using a dry cloth to dust the furniture, windows, and carpets. Stop dusting as this only moves the germs from its place and transfers it to another location. Use disinfectants and a wet cloth to clean off the dust particles. This takes away all the dust and germs on the cloth, and the disinfectant kills it. This trick is the best to keep your home free from corona and other infectious germs too. 

Watch Who Comes In And Goes Out

The other mandatory rule that you need to follow is to watch who comes in and who goes out. It does not mean humans, but also the pests. You need to keep pests out of your space. Germs could be carried into your home by the simplest houseflies, tiniest fruit flies, rodents, and roaches. There becomes an immense need for you to keep your home free from these pests. You could do this by using good pest repellents or by simply diffusing the fragrance of lavender in the air by using an aromatic oil diffuser

Use Disposable Garbage Covers

Many of us have a habit of using any random cover in the dust bins. At times, we fail to use a cover and stock our bins with all the waste. This unhealthy practice makes home habitat for germs. Use biodegradable covers to dispose of waste and segregate it well. 

Change Bedspreads Often

One should normally change the bedspreads once in a week. Since there is corona spreading everywhere, make sure you change your bedspreads once in three days to keep your room clean. This habit keeps you safe and stops the spread of common cold, flu, and dust allergies. 

Here are the important practices that you need to follow to make your home a better and safer place to live in. Along with all of this, make sure you practice social distancing and other precautionary measures to stay safe. 

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