real estate: touring a house remotely

Real Estate: Touring a House Remotely

Our Guide for Homebuyers

Residential real estate in central Ohio continues to be very good for both buyers and sellers, largely due to the historically low interest rates.  However, COVID-19 has complicated the buying process in many ways, most specifically the touring of home.  

The Alfriend Group with Re/Max Achievers has the solution.  Your own customized virtual tour.  You can tour the house remotely, from the comfort of your own home. We create a one-on-one tour for you, using FaceTime, Zoom, Skype (or any video chat service), as you follow along and ask questions. We become your eyes and ears, checking all the nooks and crannies of the home.

Here are the key points:

1.     Representation: We begin with you. At The Alfriend Group, we represent you, and you alone. We begin with a detailed needs analysis, allowing us to quickly match you with the best homes.  We learn your priorities, your pet peeves, your lifestyle, allowing us to know the right questions to ask about each home. Is the home in a noisy flight path? Near a railway track or busy road?  How are the walking and biking paths?  How are the schools? Where are the parks? The needs analysis allows us to know your most important parameters, and quickly match you with the best homes. We are your “boots on the ground”, helping you find the perfect fit. With over 30 years, and over 2,000 homes sold, we are the eyes and ears of experience. 

2.     Research:  Next we give you a personal portal with the most up-to-date information about homes currently for sale. You begin by reviewing these homes, with full descriptions, photos and videos. We also provide you with all the disclosures on the property (age of mechanicals and roof, recent repairs or defects, etc), and a list of comparable home sales to help determine values.

3.     Remote home tour: Then we do your personal virtual tour of your favorite homes.  During your tour, we will open cabinets and drawers, discuss whether the floors squeak, how the home smells, can you hear street noise. We will have a tap measure to discuss room sizes, will your sectional fit here? Is there room for a pool table? We point out all the little things that are wrong. And we absolutely make sure to point out any “make-or-break” issues, such as foundation issues, mold, water stains, or any visible roof issues.

Our job is to be forthcoming about everything, the good and bad. We open windows to see if they stick, check that doors close tight, check for scratches in the wood floors. This does not replace an inspection. It is highlighting areas to determine if you wish to proceed.  If so, there will be a complete professional inspection in the future. 

4.     Reconnaissance: Our work does not end inside the home.  We also tour the neighborhood. Does the neighbor have a loud barking dog? Are there unsightly homes on the street? You can check Google Street View, but it is far more valuable for us to scope out the neighborhood in person. This provides you a full in-depth view of the area. 

5.     Record: Be sure to take notes.  Or better yet, record the entire tour. Ask lots of questions, leaving no stone unturned. These tours can last 30 minutes or more, and you might forget critical questions that arose during the beginning of the tour. 

6.     Follow-up: Schedule your in-person tour. Most people will still want to see the home, prior to writing the offer.  However, through our virtual tour process, we will have eliminated all but the best few homes.  Now we can set up your tour to see only the best choices, to confirm your impressions from the virtual tour, and finalize any questions.  

At The Alfriend Group we are here for you.  The market is still good.  Rates are still low.  Homes are still selling.  We look forward to working with you.  Contact us to begin the process: or 614-395-1776

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