how important is home staging in the real estate industry

How Important Is Home Staging in the Real Estate Industry?

When it comes to making a fast sale of your home, a lot of factors come into play. The location of the home, the price, how old it is, its general condition – everything plays a role in the selling process. And these are all factors that have a direct influence on the potential buyer with the power to alter their future. However, there is another very significant factor that serves to convince the potential buyer to buy the home, and its effect stops here. Still, without it, a home cannot be sold fast and can get stuck as a listing for months if not years. I am talking about the professional home staging, that is the most crucial part of leaving a good first impression. Let’s take a closer look at the concept and how important it is.

Home staging is designing the home to be ready for viewing by potential buyers. It can be done in two ways: traditionally and virtually.

Traditional Home Staging

Traditional home staging involves actual staging of the home with rented furniture and decorative elements in case the house is sold empty. The real estate agent or the individual selling the home should plan to spend a few thousand dollars on renting a staging agent and a staging company that will execute the designing and keep the place tidy and fresh looking.

In a previous agreement with the seller, the style is chosen, and the rooms are staged according to the preferences of the seller. Usually, the living room is made the focal room because that is the most representable room of the house, followed by the master bedroom and the kitchen. The bathroom is right there as well, even though it is the most intimate place, it still needs to be appropriately designed.

Virtual Staging

The virtual professional home staging is nowadays the cost-efficient and much more effective version of staging the house because of the fact that over 92% of the people start their search for a home online. With the insanely fast-developing technology, potential buyers can see all the listings online and make a decision which ones are worth seeing in reality. This means that the photos of the house that is being sold must be top-notch quality and show the full potential of the home.

The great thing about virtual staging is that all it takes for the virtual staging designer to create the photo is a photo of the empty space of the room. Then, they will digitally add pieces of furniture and decorative elements in any style the seller wants. Some virtual staging agencies even offer the opportunity the seller to pick the elements from a digital library.

Another advantage of the virtual staging is that one room can be done in several different interior designs so that it can appeal to the much higher number of potential buyers. And the pricing is a lot lower than the traditional staging – one photo is usually from $30 and up.  

The Bottom Line

It is clear that leaving a great first impression can make or break the deal. Therefore, staging the home, either traditionally or virtually is not a choice it is an obligation.

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