planning a home solar electric system

Planning a Home Solar Electric System

It can be quite challenging to settle into a new home. Everything should be planned including the interior and the exterior in a way that every family member feels secure and comfortable. Deciding on what furniture to buy, décor theme, settings and much more are thrilling yet it gives anxiety. Have you ever thought about getting a solar panel? Is it on your what-to-have list?

If a solar electric system is one thing you consider, it is vital to know the details needed in making this decision. Know them beforehand and seek advice from Electrician Sydney before you decide on getting ahead and install a new home solar electric system. 

 Choose the type of solar panels that best suits your home such as:

  • Rooftop – These are perfect for homes that have a wide rooftop space, with minimal shading and you have plans to lounge in there for relaxation.
  • Ground-mounted – This will suit your home if it has a huge outdoor space, and there is little or the sun is facing a roof space or have plans on moving soon.

Planning and Estimation

The first step in choosing the right type of panel is estimating the total installation cost, the solar electric system size, and its overall impact on your budgeting. Below are the key points you should consider when estimating:

  • Cost estimate – Or the installation cost. Be resourceful and search all solar installers in your local area so you can scoop for the best deals. You can even get a price quote on how much you can save by going solar.
  • Size of your home – An expert installer will first inspect your property and orient you in how many solar panels you will need to power your home or if you only want partial solar coverage.
  • Financial benefit – Once you get an estimate on the solar panel coverage, you can ask about the energy payback from installing solar for long term purposes.

Home Solar Electric System is indeed becoming an investment for residences. Homeowners tend to go solar as part of their going green lifestyle trend which many people are now adopting. So, careful planning and estimate should be your primary list of going solar. Besides, knowing solar panel installation will make it more convenient to ask other relative questions about solar energy:

Home Solar Benefits:

Solar incentives are now encouraged by government, utilities and other solar companies.  These solar incentives and tax breaks make it more appealing to homeowners to have solar expansion. Here are some of the solar incentive plans offered:

  • Investment tax credit- or ITC is given by the federal government that allows homeowners to lessen the portion of their solar costs from their taxes, which results in the reduction of the net cost of the solar panel system by 30 to 50%.
  • Rebates – Cash rebates are sometimes possible from selected states, municipality, utility company, or other organization that seeks to promote solar energy. These cash rebates are available for a limited period and end once a certain amount of solar has been installed. Cash rebates are said to help lessen electrical costs by 10 to 20%


Each type has its benefits. And the above variables are involved. It is important that you plan on dealing with the costs as well and if it is your property or you are just renting. Once you get through this list, you will realize how getting a home solar electric system fits your needs. Plus, every homeowner wants to be a pro in finding out the latest update and be on-trend. When you choose to go solar you may realize your maximum payback from your chosen type. 

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