The Best Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

The Best Ways To Create More Space In Your Home

Life circumstances change often but our homes may not seem flexible enough at first glance. If your family is expanding, you likely worry that your home will become too cozy to feel comfortable. However, it is possible to adapt your living quarters to the change. There are ways to make your house or apartment seem bigger and to create more space in your home. This time, we’ll write about the latter.

Ways to create more space

Quite often, expanding your home may not be an option, either financially or physically, or both. However, there are ways to increase the size of the living area. The best ways to create more space is to:

  • remove the clutter
  • optimize your storage
  • remodel your home
  • invest in adequate furniture

The balance between ample storage and sufficient living space is sometimes difficult to find. Not one home is the same, but luckily, there are various options. Hopefully, at least one of them will suit you.

Dispose of excess belongings

Before you throw away anything, you need to organize your belongings and check them piece by piece. Not everything is for the trash can. Firstly, return the items you borrowed to their owners. When you select all the things you wish to dispose of, you need to determine who will receive them. You can advertise some of your items online or organize a good old yard sale. Finally, you can even donate some of your belongings.

Donate only the items that are in good shape.

Search for local charities and types of goods they would appreciate the most. You can donate things to schools, libraries, hospitals or homes for the elderly. You can also invite your family and friends and ask them to take what they need or organize a giveaway in your neighborhood. Once you figure out what to keep, it is time for the next step.

Optimize your storage space

Before you start with any home repairs and changes, you should consult an expert. A piece of advice from an architect or interior designer will be more than welcome. It is vital to carefully think about optimal storage solutions if you wish to create more space in your home. If you can, ask for professional assistance. There is nothing better than a tailored solution for your storage problems. Otherwise, you can browse the existing storage solutions on Pinterest, for example. You are bound to find quite a lot of useful, creative solutions applied by other homeowners.

Exploit underutilized space

Before making any home upgrades, you should start by using up space that usually remains empty. You know best if you have dead space under the stairs, in your corridors or landings. If you opt to cover your bare walls with shelves and cabinets, follow two golden rules:

  1. you should place heavier items closer to the bottom
  2. items you use daily should be at your eye level.

A feature people often oversee is a sliding door. It allows you to use space that would be normally blocked. Moreover, if you have high ceilings, you can add loft beds and create more space in the middle of the room. Your kids will appreciate a play area.

Your kids need enough room for both playing and studying.

Organize your basement, attic or backyard

If you’re lucky to be an owner of this extra space, you can either use to add an extra room or to expand your storage area. Either way, you get to create more space in your home. Moreover, If you have a yard, you can place a shed there. It can store some of the rarely used items, which are not sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity. Don’t underestimate your garage either.

Moreover, if your attic or basement is insulated and waterproof, you can store some of the more sensitive items, like seasonal apparel, there. Should you ever need any storage containers, you can obtain them from Zippy Shell Columbus. The best containers are transparent, stackable, and, of course, ones labeled in detail. 

Invest in off-site storage to create more space

Renting a storage unit may be a good option if you have bulky furniture, family heirlooms, equipment, tools, or toys you are not ready to part with. Whether you plan to downsize or simply wish to create more space in your current home, you can keep your items in a safe storage unit. Seasonal items like holiday decorations will remain accessible to you 24/7. Some storage facilities will even deliver the items you need to your home. The only thing you need to do is to select the needed item from their digital inventory.

Create more space by remodeling  

Unless you’re an expert yourself, the best way to avoid remodeling mistakes is to hire a professional. After they assess your home, they will suggest the best options. If you wish to tear down a wall or make any major changes, make sure you have the right permits. You can easily create more space by merging or repurposing rooms. If you prefer to eat in the kitchen, you can remove the dining table. You can put your writing desk in your bedroom, if you work from home, and expand your living room. 

Choose the right furniture

Furniture takes up the most place in a home, which is why you need to choose it wisely. Next to its primary use, most pieces of furniture can serve as storage units. Beds with drawers, storage benches replacing chairs, extended kitchen worktops instead of a dining table – the choice is yours. 

The kitchen is the most used room in any home, so make the most of it.

Even though custom-made furniture can be costly, you should at least consider creating pieces you can fold. Multifunctional furniture is not news anymore and you are bound to find numerous ideas and designers online. If you have the skills, don’t hesitate to adapt some of those creative designs to your home.

In the end, it all boils down to proper space management. Those who don’t have the luxury of spacious homes don’t have to live in a cramped space. Remove what you don’t need, make or purchase multifunctional furniture, and optimize your storage space as much as you can

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