5 Ways to Prep Your Kitchen Before Listing Your Home

For buyers, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Its attractiveness (or lack thereof) can be the tipping point on whether your home sells or not. Because of this, it is nearly always worth it for homeowners to renovate their kitchens, as the return on their investment often far outweighs the cost. If you are a seller looking to both increase their home’s valuation and sell it faster, it pays to improve the kitchen before listing your house.

Install a New Backsplash

Backsplashes are the perfect blend of functionality and tasteful design, and can dramatically improve a kitchen’s look at a very reasonable cost. A well-installed backsplash will also draw the eyes of potential buyers away from other faults in the kitchen. Furthermore, all sorts of materials can be used, including ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone, glass, metal, wood, and more. This enables homeowners to easily choose the backsplash that matches the rest of their kitchen, even while providing a wide variety of neat-looking options.

Make Small Improvements

Another low-cost way to improve your kitchen’s look is to change the frequently overlooked elements. For instance, installing new faucets can make the sink look better, and swapping out the drawer handles can bring new life to old drawers and cabinets. These little hardware pieces are often not on the buyer’s mind, but small improvements like these can make your kitchen look exceptionally good without the buyer even realizing why. Another plus of changing small things like faucets is that contractors are almost always unnecessary (as these are easy to do by yourself), saving you even more money.

Upgrade Your Countertops

As a main element of the kitchen, it is important for your countertop to be highly appealing to potential buyers. Thankfully, kitchen countertops are another surprisingly affordable improvement, along with providing flexible looks that are suited for everyone. For example, there are certain advantages when it comes to installing quartz countertops compared to marble ones. There are many benefits of solid surface countertops, as well. You can easily choose the one that matches your budget and design needs. If your countertops are getting old or out-of-style, definitely make sure to upgrade them. This important area to buyers could make a marked improvement in your home’s valuation. Among all the upgrade options, this is the one to keep in mind the most.

Add New Flooring

Similarly to countertops, floors are another important element that prospective buyers will make sure to appraise. A bad floor can knock down your home’s selling price, or even cause a potential offer to never materialize, so make sure to inspect your floor before listing your home. Thankfully, if you find that your floor needs to be replaced, there is a variety of options to suit a wide range of budgets, such as linoleum, porcelain tile, cork, distressed hardwoods, and more. Those materials also involve different levels of durability, visual appeal, and comfort, making it possible for any homeowner to easily and simply improve their kitchen.

Update the Lighting

Although lighting is easy to overlook, it has a greater effect on a kitchen than many people realize. Dim or broken bulbs can make your kitchen look dark and unappealing, and poorly- placed fixtures can cause weird glares or make it dimmer and more difficult to cook at night. New lighting can often transform the look of a kitchen, especially if out-of-style fixtures are replaced with more modern ones. Thankfully, lighting is easy and affordable to improve, and is often DIY-friendly. Definitely make sure to check the lighting in your kitchen before listing your home.

With affordable kitchen upgrades, your selling process will become easier and more exciting, as you see your home’s valuation increase and the offers start to role in faster. If you see clear areas for improvement, make sure to fix those before listing your house- you will thank yourself later.

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