Maintenance Hacks that will Make Your Property Stand Out

Nowadays, the competition in the real estate market is highly severe. The increasing number of properties for sale enables potential buyers to set high demands and requirements when looking for their perfect home. Understandably, sellers are those who have to strive hard and give their maximum to make their property attractive and worth considering. How to achieve high standard and make your property stand out? Proper high-quality maintenance is the key. Thus, here are some crucial maintenance hacks considerably helpful when making your property stand out is the final aim.

Both Inside and Outside Matter

Undoubtedly, the first impression regarding your property is crucial. Thus, it does not surprise that outside property maintenance is equally important as that of the inside. When prospective buyers finally visit your home, what you should achieve is making them willing to visualize their family in the living space they see. Certainly, evident signs of negligence are by all means undesirable. Instead, incorporate all the strategies available into your property maintenance to make potential buyers realize why buying a home, your home to be precise, is exactly what they need and want.

Outside Property Maintenance Hacks

Due to its visibility, the outside property should be kept in top shape at all times. Hence, maintenance hacks related to this living area deserve your utmost attention. Here are the most important ones:

  • Mowing your perfectly green and neat lawn will never be easier if you use a cooking spray for your mower. Never again will you have problems with grass clippings sticking on the mower blades and prolonging the whole process. All you need to do is apply cooking spray on the mower blades and this will solve the problem.
  • Top quality gutter protection is essential to keep debris and leaves off your gutters. Thus, installing a gutter protection system is the best and most efficient solution. What you get by making this step is clean and clog-free gutters throughout the year. Moreover, your potential buyers will appreciate this as well.
  • A small, well-maintained garden can make a great difference between yours and other properties on the market. It has to be aesthetically pleasing and effective in creating a positive first impression. To be able to manage your everyday errands and yet keep a nice-looking garden, a time-saving watering strategy isavailable. To shorten this process and gain some precious time during a busy week, you can simply use wine bottles as helping hands. Stick an empty wine bottle filled with water upside down into the soil and you will be surprised with the results. 
  • Update the exterior paint regularly. This has myriads of beneficial effects. Firstly, your house will always look nice and in top shape. Secondly, it will make repainting your house entirely unnecessary for quite a long time. Finally, it will provide you with a chance to reach the best possible deal with your buyers. 

Inside Property Maintenance Hacks

The inside of your home has a major influence when deciding whether your house is a good investment. Thus, before your buyers start looking for reliable movers, like those you can find at  who have helped a vast number of people with this matter, you need to do your best to fascinate them. Luckily, most of the maintenance hacks do not require a considerable budget to perform and yet they make your property stand out among others.


The hall is what your visitors see and judge first. Understandably, an immense amount of clutter will not create the desired effect. What you want to achieve is the warmth and welcomeness the potential future owners can feel at a glance. Hence, keep this area nice and clean of all unnecessary items. Should you want to create some storage space in here, using decorative boxes might serve the purpose. A well-organized, clean space cannot but attract everybody’s attention.

Living Room

A spacious, bright, neat and tidy living room is everybody’s dream. Maintenance hacks that will make your property stand out also include organizing your living room in a way that will appeal to the majority. Firstly, take good care of the floor. If you notice any heel scratches on your wood floor, rubbing walnuts on them will make these scratches disappear. Moreover, if you notice that the grout lines have lost their original color, using a bleach pen or even toilet bleach gel is highly efficient. Finally, to prevent that irritating creaking sound whenever you make a step, fill the cracks in the floor with baby powder and this will eliminate the problem.

The quality of the air in your home is indicative of how healthy your living space is. To make your property stand out, keep the prime air quality level at all times. Besides ventilating your home regularly, you can decorate your living room with some air purifying plants. Choosing dracaena, ficus or bamboo palm is an excellent choice.


Very often, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Unsurprisingly, potential buyers pay close attention to its condition in their search for a new home. While exploring gorgeous kitchen trends for 2019 can provide you with some novelties and latest trends in this field, applying these maintenance hacks will give visible positive results as well:

  • Pay attention to details and hidden areas in your kitchen. Having clean and shiny surfaces is important, but you should go beyond. Regular maintenance of hidden areas can provide you with a significant competitive advantage. Hence, for example, move your refrigerator and clean all the dust and dirt build-ups behind it. Also, clean the vent hood from cooking oil and grime.
  • Keeping your appliances spotless is possible if you use appropriate cleaners. To serve the purpose, WD-40 is a smart solution. 
  • If you have some silver exhibited in the kitchen, polish it. You need nothing but a little ketchup for extraordinary results.


Prior to finishing a satisfying sale and indulging yourself into searching for information on seller closing costs, making your bathroom flawless and spotless is the final challenge. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult to meet. However, all this task requires is a lemon, lots of vinegar, baby oil and a bleach pen.  Lemon will remove water spots from chrome if you cut it and then rub it over these surfaces. Additionally, baby oil will then make chrome in the bathroom shine. Vinegar is very efficient when removing persistent water stains on faucets and shower head buildup. Finally, bathroom tile grout will be stain and bacteria-free if you just use a bleach pen. These maintenance hacks will make your property stand out and beat the severe competition in the market.

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