fall home decor trends and decorating ideas

Fall Home Decor Trends and Decorating Ideas

While some people go all out with Halloween decorations to welcome the fall season, some of us just want to add a couple of small elements to provide that touch of warmth and seasonal flare. Here are some great style trends and decorating ideas for the fall to help your home feel just the right amount of festive.

Color trends:  Navy Blue or Deep Purple

Think berries or plums when adding some pops of color to your home this autumn. Both work as a base color to build on or as accents to a more neutral room. Both colors are very elegant and timeless and work well with nearly every style of decor. Bring a little of the outdoors inside with these warm, natural colors.

Style Trend:  Post-Modern

Geometric shapes and graphic prints are popular this season. Bold, mismatched colored rugs and wall pieces can elevate your rooms into classy and artistic spaces.

Furniture Trend:  Curved Sofas

Curved sofas are decorative and functional. An organic curve adds a little more dimension and character to a room while also allowing guests to more easily converse with one another. 

Wood Trend:  Warm, Blonde Wood

Recently, people have been redoing their floors with either dark or cooler toned woods. However, this season, warmer wood tones are making a comeback. Blonde wood feels less manufactured and produced, so it gives the feeling of being closer to nature. Don’t feel like redoing your hardwood floors? Just add a blonde wood bench or art piece into the room to add some warmth.

Texture Trend:  Velvet

Think luxe and opulence. Velvet is a great fabric choice to add texture and depth to a room. Whether in a more traditional space, or a modern styled area, a little velvet can add an extra layer of elegance. Why not try a navy blue or deep plum colored velvet chair, or maybe just an accent pillow to make the room feel a little more luxurious. 

Seasonal Decorating Trends:  Pumpkins, Pinecones, and Wheat

Nothing welcomes autumn into a home more than few seasonal design elements. Try hollowing out a gourd and use it as a vase, or hanging a wreath made from wheat on your door. Also, scented pine cones look great has hanging pieces or centerpieces and fill the home with the great scent of the season.

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