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This Makes Moving With Small Children so much Easier

Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure. Everything feels fresh, and it can seem like you are getting a clean slate, a restart. However, it can sometimes feel more like a curse than a blessing when you think about all the small details and the time and energy it will take. These sentiments are true for all family members, including children.

To help with any moving pains that your small children may have and to make your life easier, too, consider these simple pieces of advice when preparing for the big move.

Tip #1: Keep Your Kids in the Loop

Even small children can tell when something big is happening. Sometimes it is in hushed whispers behind closed doors, or sometimes it is when mom and dad seem to be preparing for a test by spelling out all their words. However old your children are, don’t doubt that they have at least some idea of what is going on.

To keep your kids from feeling left out or suspicious, it is best to involve them in the whole process. Be transparent with them about the situation, and if possible involve them from the beginning. If possible, bring them with you to look at the home. The big empty canvas of a new house can be thrilling and may even help get them on board if it seemed like they were skeptical of the move. Here are some tips for taking your kids along on the hunt for a house.

Bringing the kids in from the start will make each step go smoother and will also ensure there are no dramatic surprises. It can help remind them that they are part of the family, too, and that you value their feelings.

Tip #2: Downsize

Anyone with young children can tell you that parents amass junk. Even if you have tried to keep the trucks, dolls, clothes, blankets, and stuffed animals at a reasonable volume, you are still likely overflowing with things. One way to simplify moving with your little ones is to take the opportunity to downsize their massive collections.

It can be hard to part with past favorites that have fallen by the wayside, but the thrill and excitement of moving can often eclipse the hardship of parting with a forgotten toy. Be sure to involve your kids in the process and let them know that this can be a fun experience. Let them know that their old toy could become another lucky kid’s new favorite.

Don’t forget to apply the same principles to your own closet and make sure you get the word out about your sale. A poster or sign like this one is a great way to catch people’s attention and draw them into your family’s sale. Try to keep the parting process light and fun and you will find yourself renting a smaller U-Haul than you ever thought possible.

Tip #3: Don’t Stress

No matter how prepared you and your family feel, there will be some pains with moving. Try to stay relaxed, as this will help your whole family feel at ease. You can never be sure how a child is going to adapt to a new environment, and their response could surprise you. Here are a few tips for helping your child cope if they are having a hard time.

Just like with any new, big life change, a move can take time to get used to. Be patient with your children and take their thoughts and feelings seriously. If your move was a big change, it could take longer than you think for everyone to adjust. Just remind your kids that you love them, show them how to enjoy their new house and neighborhood, and before long it will feel just like home.


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