how to assure that your things are secured during your move

How To Assure That Your Things Are Secured During Your Move

If you’ve already experienced a move before, you’ll know by now that the entire process is extremely stressful. Moving items from your old house to your new one takes time and energy. From determining which items to place in the moving boxes to ensure your valuable items are secured, it’s important that you plan and prepare in advance. After all, your goal is to make sure all your items are safe while you’re moving. To minimize the anxiety and stress brought about by relocation, here are some ways to assure that your things are secured during your move.

 1.  Make an inventory of your belongings. Before you begin loading your items to the moving truck, be sure you create a detailed inventory of everything you’ll bring to your new home. Even if making an inventory seems to be an extra work for you, it will still help you identify any missing items during the move. So you should have a spreadsheet intended for the inventory which includes the description and quantity of all your valuables.

 2.  Refrain from mixing your valuables with the regular items. When moving, it’s best if you don’t place your valuables together with your regular items. If possible, keep these things with your all throughout the move. Always give heed to your valuables. If you opt to place them in a safe, you ensure you carry it wherever you go. By doing this, you can rest knowing all your valuable items are in safe hands.

 3.  Create smart labels for your boxes. Don’t leave your moving boxes unlabeled. Before you start packing, make sure you have your colored markers in place for the labeling. Apart from the inventory, labeling your boxes provides an extra level of security  

 4.  Get a moving insurance. Most moving companies like Movers NYC offer insurance coverage. Thus, it’s essential to ask the company regarding their policy. Request for a fine print and take time to read and understand the content. In addition, never hesitate to ask your movers what the policy covers so you’ll know what to expect when something happens during the transit. If you’re transferring expensive things, you may want to get additional coverage to ensure a smoother and safer move on your end.

 5.  Use the proper packing supplies. If you’re packing your stuff by yourself, use the appropriate supplies for the safety of your belongings. For instance, make sure all your moving boxes are durable and still in good shape. Also, try to secure bubble wraps to pack some of your fragile items like kitchen wares. However, if you’re hiring a mover, you can entrust your packing activities to them. Besides, they have the right supplies and tools necessary for transporting your things in a safe manner.

 6.  Confirm the safety measures for your truck during the move. Work with your chosen moving company to ensure the safety of your truck while moving. Ask them about the safety measures they’re going to take during the entire move like putting some locks on your truck as well as the doors and windows. Moreover, be involved in the process as much as possible. Try to get to know your movers so you’ll know who is supposed to assist you in transporting your belongings to your new house.

 7.  Don’t tell everyone on the social media that you’re moving. If you’re concerned about the safety of your valuables while moving, avoid giving details about your final moving date. Don’t announce your relocation especially on any of your social media accounts. This is to prevent you from becoming a victim of theft once someone will see your posts. Also, try to refrain from posting anything about your route or even your moving experience after getting settled.

 8.   Monitor the move. If you’re getting a moving company, it’s best to monitor the move before, during and after. Be there or any of your family members once your movers start loading your boxes so you can witness the whole activity. If you’re not joining the movers during the trip, make sure you’re still updated about the location of the truck throughout the move.

 Final Words

Regardless of how far you’re moving, making one is indeed an important event that requires preparation. With all the items you’re going to transfer to your new house, you’re duty-bound together with a secured moving company to secure these things during the whole process. By following the tips presented in this article, we hope you can keep your belongings safe, thereby relieving some burden on your shoulders. Should you have plans to move out soon, it’s best to start the preparations as early as now to have a trouble-free moving experience later on.

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  1. Boxing everything is a great tip. Last year, when we moved I didn’t realize it would be such a problem. My bedroom had a lot of things left that were not in boxes and it took longer than necessary to take everything. Another good tip is to purge anything you won’t need. It saves space and time when you are interstate moving. – Appliance Movers

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