how to organize your belongings before moving

How to Organize Your Belongings Before Moving

You have just sold your home, have a new house ready to go, and you’re looking into the logistics for moving all your stuff. Depending on the moving option you choose, whether it be a moving truck, UHAUL, PODS, or another alternative, space can be limited if you own a lot of belongings. 

This is why every move requires time spent toward organizing. Taking a little bit of time throwing out old items and cleaning up the mess can go a long way for making the move a smoother process. 

In professional organizing circles, the commonly observed 3-step process for any decluttering project is 1) Keep, 2) Toss, and 3) Sell or Donate. These steps work the same way for moving and can even reduce your costs if they are done ahead of time. You’ll want to tackle steps 2 and 3 before packing your items that you’ll keep in step 1. 

Toss Out Old Items with Little to No Value

First, survey all your belongings and throw away anything that is trash, broken, or old and worn out. Clothes, footwear, expired food, old electronics, spare light bulbs and batteries, unused decorations, and similar odds and ends should be tossed. Any consumables you have in bulk or excess, you may want to consider using up now. 

Sell/Donate Unused Items

Consider selling or donating any items that are in good condition and haven’t been used in the past year. With the amount of time it takes to create online listings, take photos, and sell the items, you’ll want to start the process a few weeks in advance. 

This is especially true for furniture and décor. If you plan on re-doing most of your décor, now is the time to sell off anything that won’t belong in the new home. 

Keep and Pack Up the Rest

Once you’ve eliminated the things you no longer need, then there’s the challenge of boxing. How you pack your belongings can really make or break a move. Here are some tips to making it less of a headache for you.

  1. Pack items by room, then category – Most of your items in the old home will live in the same rooms in the new home, so finding those items will be much easier when they are kept together and labeled on the boxes. For example, “Kitchen – Plates”, “Office – Supplies”, and so on. 
  2. Give yourself plenty of time – Allot at least one to two weeks of boxing before moving day.
  3. Store everyday essentials last – Try to pack up kitchenware, food, toiletries, bedding, and other daily used items last so you don’t move them in and out of boxes each day. These items should also be placed toward the top of the boxes, so they are easier to grab. 
  4. Only tape up boxes once it’s close to moving day – Taping is the quick and easy part of packing, but, can be a hassle to undo if you need to access packed up items. Don’t start sealing the boxes until a day or so before the move. 

Hopefully these tips make your next move less of a stress and easier to manage. Some simple planning ahead of time can really make a difference and free up other time needed outside of just packing. 

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