selling your home this spring

Selling Your Home this Spring

The housing market is hot this year, and spring is the hottest season of the year.  Still, you must never take the market for granted.  Presenting a great home will bring the highest number of offers, at the highest price.  Here are 10 tips to help with selling your home this spring.

1) Focus on Curb Appeal

For the spring market, it is critical that your yard and landscaping are in prime condition. Buyers formulate a lasting first impression of a home within the first 60 seconds. That amount of time does not even give them a chance to enter your home, so make your first impression count!

And look beyond landscaping. Simple tasks such as power washing the siding, repainting the front door, or even adding a new welcome mat can freshen up the outside of your home and make it more welcoming for potential buyers.

2) Liven up Outdoor Spaces

Spring is the best time of year to sit on the porch and enjoy the weather. Make sure your patio is attractive and inviting to potential buyers.  Have the outdoor furniture on display, fresh flowers, and clean and spruced up.

3) Freshen up Your Closet

Put away all those winter clothes. Think of it as pre-packing.  Box up all those sweaters, coats, and bulky clothes taking up space in your closets.

4) Set the Right Price

Remember that more homes are coming on the market, giving buyers more options. It is a great market, but don’t go overboard. Don’t scare away potential customers by over pricing.

5) Open the Windows

Homes get stale over the cold winter months.  As soon as the weather breaks, get those windows open. Fresh air drastically improves the mood and feel of a room. Even if it is cold, still open the blinds and turn all the lights on to brighten up your space. And check your windowsills. When you open the blinds, things like spider webs become easily seen. Walk through your home with the lighting set the way it is to be for a showing. Look at your home from the angle potential buyers will, and spot those elusive spider webs, dead flies, and dust.

6) Deep Clean Carpets

After a long winter with the family cooped up indoors, extra dirt and particles accumulate deep within the fibers of your carpet. Deep clean your carpets to remove any subtle odors and refresh a room.

7) Incorporate Bright, Spring Colors Wherever Possible

Consider swapping out dark accent pillows and rugs for vibrant spring-colored accents. Bright colors add warmth and comfort to your home and help others envision themselves living there. In the bathroom, consider using seasonally colored towels. In the kitchen, place a bowl of seasonal fruit on the counter.

8) Integrate the Smell of Spring throughout your Home

Invigorating spring scents can easily be incorporated through candles, air fresheners or diffusers. To subtly bring in these scents, add fresh flowers in various rooms of your home, as they can double up as seasonal decor.

9) Provide Water for Guests

As more homes come on the market, and the temperatures increase, buyers get tired.  Have bottles of water for them on hot days. The longer they spend in your home, the more likely they will make an offer. Even in a hot market, you want more offers to drive the prices higher.

10) Wash all Windows and Mirrors

Windows and mirrors are often overlooked. Every window, including the ones on the front door, should be washed before a showing. This will add sparkle and shine to your home. Clean windows, and sunlight bouncing off your mirrors, will make your residence more inviting and welcoming.


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