How to Sell Your Home in the Fall

Tips to Sell Your Home in the Fall

Selling your home in the fall requires a different strategy than the other seasons of the year. There are some different considerations to take into account, in terms of home preparation and curb appeal. These tips will help you sell your home in the Fall.

Curb appeal should not be neglected during any season. It is what draws buyers in when they drive by a home, and is usually the first picture they see of a home on the Internet. Creating great curb appeal is critical in making your home stand out among the other homes for sale. 


While the weather is still cooperating, keep your yard well groomed with proper mowing and edging. Water your lawn so it remains green. Dry or dead patches in the lawn suggest a homeowner who does not take care of their yard, and therefore may not properly maintain the interior. You can get quick grow grass seed repair kits at Lowes or Home Depot to repair any bad spots.

It is important tip to keep the falling leaves cleaned up, both on the ground and on the roof and gutters.  Trees are a great selling point, but not if you are “advertising” the amount of maintenance they require in the fall months.  And you certainly do not want to give the impression you historically ignore that maintenance.

If you have plants that did not survive the summer heat or drought, replace them with colorful and more vibrant plants. Look for fall plants that bring out a pop of color to your home such as daisies, calendula, tulips, and daffodils. Ask your local plant nursery for their suggestions for colorful plants and flowers.

Also be sure to refresh your mulch beds. Buy bulk mulch from your local hardware store and have it laid out over existing mulch beds to give a clean fresh look to that part of your landscaping. Remove any weeds in the beds, to keep a clean and well groomed appearance.

Curb Appeal of Your House

Once you update your yard, look at your home.  This includes exterior paint, garage doors, front doors, windows, roof and more. If there are any defects, get a fresh coat of paint on all exterior paintable surfaces. Repaint your front door, to add life and color. If the door is outdated, consider a new door, and especially updated and high quality door knobs and hardware.  This is the first thing the potential buyers touch, and their first impression of how you care for your home.  (This is one of the most common oversights for sellers.  They normally enter their home through their garage, so they never notice it is old or dated).

Check your windows.  Window replacement may not be needed, but at least make sure they are cleaned and caulked. And replace any fogged and broken seals. The buyers are going to hit you up on these items during the home inspection, so you might as well fix them now.  Do not wait, and risk losing a buyer.

Make sure any seasonal or holiday decorating is tasteful and neutral.  And get it down as soon as the season is over.

Prepare the Interior of Your Home

The interior of your home should shine just as much as the exterior does. This is especially important in the fall season, where the days are shorter and tend to be gloomier.  Fresh paint, clean carpet and wood floors, updated kitchen / bath fixtures and door hardware will all help to sell your home faster. This does not have to be expensive, just new and clean.

The better your home looks on the inside, the easier it will be for buyers to fall in love with your home. Most people decide whether they like your home within the first three minutes.  After that, they tend to only see features that justify that initial impression. Odors, dirty walls, and stained carpeting will instantly cost you a sale. Buyers want move in ready homes, and by making your best first impression, you will sell your home at the highest and best price.

Keep your seasonal and holiday decorating clean and neutral rather than with things that will offend buyers. Also, make sure your marketing pictures do not have any seasonal or holiday décor that could date how long the home has been on the market.

Click here for additional home staging advice.

Mechanical Systems

Have your HVAC system cleaned and serviced.  Your contractor will note this on the service update on the side of the furnace, and will help avoid most questions and concerns from buyers or their inspectors.

Service your garage door and openers. Noisy garage doors, garage doors with bad rollers or hinges, and garage door openers with excess pressure are all checked on home inspections. Contact a garage door company to lubricate and inspect the major components, ensuring a smooth operation. Click here for a list of HVAC technicians in Central Ohio.

Work with an Expert Realtor to Sell your Home during the Fall

After doing all this work, it would be a shame to still lose money because you marketed improperly or had a detail that blew up on you. Be sure to use an expert Realtor, with a well proven track record in your market, to help you sell your home for the highest and best price.

Bottom Line

The fall home selling season can be a bit slower, due to the lower number of buyers.  However, the number of homes available for those buyers is also low.  The secret is to make sure you stand out and present your best impression, to get your home sold.

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