5 Easy Green Remodeling And Living Tips

With the growing awareness of global warming, environmental pollution and healthier living, more people are interested in minimizing the use of toxic chemicals and non-sustainable materials in their everyday lives. The same goes for renovations and reconstruction work.

Here are 5 tips for green and easy renovations and remodeling and home improvement:

  1. Insulate and stop drafts

Save energy, help the environment and save money by insulating all of the rooms in your home. By reducing the drafts, your bills can decrease by up to 30%. Check for cracks and other places which need insulating. You can do that by using a lit incense stick by the windows and watching for smoke trails. Seal the cracks and gaps with caulk, in order to stop the drafts and save energy. Don’t forget to inspect the roofing as well.

  1. Install a thermostat

By installing a thermostat you can use programs to lower your heating and cooling costs and helping preserve energy. Make sure you buy a thermostat which is compatible with your specific heating and cooling system. Most thermostats are easy to install and program, but if you are not a DIY person, you could hire an electrician to do it for you.

  1. Take care of any leaks

Leaks in faucets and sinks are not only annoying, but also waste water. Act upon the leak as soon as you notice it, because in time it will only grow and become a more serious problem. Simple leaks can be fixed by tightening, but some leaks may need to be handled by a professional plumber. If you are making the fixes yourself, make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear for plumbing, such as these boots from Mybootprint. Help save water and lower your bills by fixing any drips and leaks around your house.

  1. Install water saving plumbing

If you want to avoid wasting water, you can consider installing a new water-saving toilet and a water saving shower head. You will be amazed by the economy of water you will achieve with the help of these new devices.

  1. Use environmentally friendly paint

Latex paint is the best choice when it comes to environmentally friendly paint for your house. It is the least harmful of all paints which are usually oil based. Latex paint can be washed with water and soap.

In conclusion

In order to ensure that your home is as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, it is advised that you perform or ask an expert to perform a detailed energy audit. The audit consists of inspecting problematic areas, as well as weak spots with the help of a thermographic scan, a blower door test as well as other methods. The auditors will also examine and analyze your old and current utility bills to find ways to reduce your monthly spending for utilities. The results of the audit will allow you to include improvements of the problematic areas in your renovation project. By fixing these spots, your home will emit lesser greenhouse emissions and you will also save money from the energy for heating and cooling and the water saved.

Not only will you be living in a greener home, but you will feel more comfortable in it after you make such improvements.

Written by M.Pierce: Michael is a blogger, footwear enthusiast, and the editor of Shoe Matters. He hopes to help his readers find the most appropriate boots and shoes for their needs.

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