5 DIY Tips for Refrigerator Organization

One of the most effective ways to keep grocery costs down is by maintaining an organized refrigerator. Arranging the refrigerator will prevent spoiled food, forgotten leftovers, and extra trips to the grocery store. Use these 5 DIY tips provided by ​https://www.abodo.com/columbus-oh to organize your refrigerator and leave your kitchen looking healthier.
1. ​Prepare Shelf Space
Shelf space is prime real estate in your refrigerator. Drips and spills don’t just make the surface sticky, they can also cause cross-contamination. Make it easy to wipe up spills by lining the shelves. Plastic placemats can be easily removed and replaced to clean up a mess. Alternatively, use plastic or cling wrap for a disposable surface.
2. ​Maximize Shelf Space
Is your refrigerator equipped with adjustable shelves? Make the most of the height options. A great method for refrigerator organization is to add accessories to maximize the space. Add a wire rack shelf, Lazy Susan, and baskets to organize containers. Remove eggs from their cartons and place in a basket; try a wire mesh basket.
3. ​Label the Contents of Your Refrigerator
An organized kitchen needs a label maker. Do not forget to use it in the refrigerator. Labeling shelves and bins makes it easy to find items in the refrigerator to eat and when creating a grocery list. Keep a permanent marker and paper tape or address labels near the refrigerator. Use them to label leftovers with the contents and date.
4. ​Store Produce Properly
Keep your produce organized and fresh by utilizing the recommended storage techniques. Not all produce is meant to be stored in the refrigerator. Apples store best in a cool, dry environment, but garlic and potatoes are better kept in a dark, dry pantry. Be prepared with small paper bags, tin foil, and paper towels to keep produce organized and fresh.

5. ​Use Plastic or Glass Storage Containers
Glass storage containers are ideal for both freshness and smart organization. Uniform storage containers are often easier to stack and keep organized. Make use of storage containers with color-coded lids to increase their organizational power.

Bonus tip: Measure your refrigerator shelves and door shelves before purchasing storage containers or additional kitchen organization tools.

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