Buying a Lifestyle Not Just a Place to Live

When looking for a place to call home, we don’t just want a roof over our head. We want a place that accommodates our needs, but also one that accentuates our day to day lives. What restaurants and shops are nearby, how close is our favorite workout facility, is there easy access to local parks and walk/bike paths, what school district will our kids attend, and how far of a commute will we have to work are just a couple of the very important questions Buyers must ask themselves before choosing their next dream home.

Any real estate agent can help you find a place to live with your desired number of bedrooms, baths, square footage, and size of yard. However, in order to help you find a home that fulfills your lifestyle goals, you need an agent who truly understands the community or communities you are considering.  An agent who has experience in the specific areas you are interested in, has extensive knowledge of the city’s history, a strong grasp on any future developments that may have a direct impact on you and the market, and better yet, one that lives and works in the same area, will be much more able to help you find a home that completes your home and lifestyle ideals.

So, when you are considering making a move, make sure you research the person you will trust with finding the perfect home, community, and lifestyle for you and your family. Don’t just ask them how long they have been a real estate agent, or what areas they specialize in; but, also ask questions about where they live, what school their kids go to, and what expertise they can offer about your specific areas of interest. Tell them where you prefer to buy your groceries, your favorite restaurants, what hobbies you participate in, what gym you belong to, and your ideal commute time to work. We spend as much of our time in the community around our home as we do in our home, so it is just as important to the home buying process as the number of bedrooms, baths, square feet you are looking for.

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