5 Things to Look for at an Open House

If you’re looking for a new home, or your first home, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the options and decisions.  So, you’ve found a great listing online that looks like your dream home, but now what?  Before you head to that open house, remind yourself to look for these five things that can help you decide the value of a home.


As a potential homebuyer, you may be eager to rush into an open house and compare it to the listing that you saw online.  However, before you step inside, you might want to take a look at the perimeter of the home.  Gutters, roof shingles, and exterior paint can all show signs of neglected maintenance, which may lead to larger issues down the road.

Layout & Flow

As you walk through an open house, be sure to pay close attention to the layout of each room and how they flow together.  As the kitchen is usually the heart of most homes, notice which rooms and areas flow from that central space.  Is there a dining area off of the kitchen for family or guests? How about a large enough living room for leisure or entertaining?


Don’t just look for extra space when you’re viewing an open house, look for smart storage space.  Today, it isn’t enough to just have a garage to throw your extra clutter in.  Look for deep closets with shelves, and hidden, built in space in bedrooms and bathrooms.  Clever storage spaces that are out of sight keep a home clean and organized.

Light & Air

Be sure to take note of the number of windows and if they allow natural light inside.  A good amount of windows in the right places can make a huge difference in a home.  Lots of natural sun and air can also mean less of a chance of mildew and mold in the home as well.


As you leave an open house, take a look around the neighborhood and get a feel for the area.  Notice how close neighbors are and if there are any amenities close by.  If there are minor issues in a home you are thinking of buying, but it is in a great neighborhood, it may be worth it.  You can always save up and have things fixed or take on some do-it-yourself projects.

As a potential homebuyer, you have many important decisions that you need to make.  Hopefully these tips help you narrow down your search and get you steps closer to buying your perfect home!

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