What’s Holding You Back From Buying?

Are you tired of wasting money on renting when you could be building equity in a home? Do you get frustrated with the rent prices constantly being raised year after year? Well then maybe it is time to stop renting and make your first home purchase. With a typical rent rising roughly 15% over the last five years, why would you not want to lock in a mortgage and let the value of your home increase while you live in it?
A study shows that two out of every three people renting would actually prefer to purchase a home instead of renting. What’s holding them back is the assumption that they aren’t qualified to purchase, when in reality they are qualified. Another study shows that almost half of Americans think you have to have at least a 15-20% down payment to purchase, when really you just need as little as 3% down for some loans.


Obtaining a loan is a lot more simple than most people think. There are plenty of programs out there to help first time home buyers secure their first loan and to get them into a house. So what’s holding you back? If you are tired of rent prices being raised year after year and you don’t want to keep throwing money away, get out there and speak with a lender. After all, you may be a lot closer to owning your dream home than you think!

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