Selling Your Home in the Winter

Very often, homes selling in the winter actually sell for more money.  The reason is that the winter buyers tend to be very serious buyers, and there are very few homes for sale. Also, January is the prime time for corporate relocations. Those families begin showing up in December, looking for homes.
Staging your home is always important, but especially critical in the winter. Here are 13 tips to sell your home in winter:
  • Always keep the driveway and sidewalk clear of snow. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a service. Make sure there are no patches of ice, so prospective buyers can get to your home safely.
  • Create a cozy feeling. Apple cider on the stove, fresh-baked cookies, soft music and a fire all contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Use tasteful holiday décor. Make your home look like a Hallmark card.
  • Clean gutters, and make sure there are no places ice dams can develop. You want to demonstrate that you are meticulous about maintenance and that spring won’t uncover surprise issues that require repairs.
  • Bring in the light. Open the curtains and turning on all the lights. In the evening, also make sure all the exterior lights are on and welcoming.
  • Trim the trees and shrubs. Keep everything looking clean and cared for.
  • Put evergreen plants in pots around the door. A little green goes a long way on gloomy days.
  • Paint the front and garage doors. It can make the house look clean and neat. Even in winter, curb appeal matters.
  • Make sure the path to the lockbox is clear. You don’t want real estate agents walking through snow to show your home.
  • Take pictures on a nice day. The Internet is normally the buyers’ first impression of your home, especially in the winter.
  • Price your home right. If you overprice your home, both agents and buyers will assume you’re not serious or unrealistic and won’t even bother to look at it. The longer the home stays on the market, the more people are going to think something is wrong with it.
  • Offer information about systems that can’t be inspected. Air conditioners, roofs covered in snow, and grading are some of the items that inspectors cant see in the winter. Have photos or service records of these items.

If you’re looking to sell your home this winter, please call The Alfriend Group at (614) 395-1776.

About The Alfriend Group

Kyle Alfriend has been selling and marketing homes for over 20 years, successfully selling and buying homes in a variety of market conditions. He has sold over 1,200 homes, totaling over $250 million in homes sales. In Dublin, he has sold more homes that anyone ever. He has represented the areas largest builders, built his own homes, and owns and manages several investment properties. He has been awarded the "Top 10 M.A.M.E. Award (Major Achievements in Marketing Excellence) by the building and Realtor associations every year since 1993. He believes that everyone deserves the very best in knowledge, experience, and integrity when buying or selling their home. The Alfriend Group was started 5 years ago as a real estate team of professionals, specializing in buying/selling homes, property management, and real estate investments. For more information, call us today at (614) 395-1776.


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